Leprosy Eradication Programme:

By | May 28, 2018

Certificate from the Co-Ordinator(S) Of The Project

Leprosy Eradication Programme:

Leprosy Eradication Programme

Sadhana Raichur is one of the dedication social service organization in Raichur district has selected one of the implementing agency for the year 2015-16

Ministry of agency got of India through district leprosy society Raichur under project No:6 parenting with community to elimination of leprosy under this programme Sadhana Raichur conducting following activities:

  1. Base line survey about leprosy
  2. Community /village meeting to collect information about leprosy and its misconception
  3. Mobilize the community to form self help group with leprosy cured patient (self care group)
  4. Focus group discussion
  5. Orientation to SHG and other community base regarding social stigma of leprosy and hidden cases identification
  6. Orientation /Awareness to PRI regarding social stigma of leprosy
  7. IEC through community based organization (for hidden leprosy cases identification )
  8. IEC activities in collaboration with PRI /community leaders for hidden leprosy cases identification)
  9. Organization skin camp
  10. POD camps
  11. To motive VHNSC/ CBOs /leaders to involve in Anti Leprosy activities
  12. School based awareness programs to create awareness about leprosy and its social stigma

We Need Support:

We are working with limit resources with ministry govt of India so we need following support from Donors

  1. Indusial support to patients inform of cloth, food, swatter, medicines
  2. Some patients to do some work they need micro finance Loan support that is reviving final
  3. Construction of house who are having open own site
  4. Children’s education support who are patient leprosy
  5. Ngo administrations service support we are implementing entire Sindhnur talk of Raichur district covering 12 PHC primary health center we selected has a best Ngo implementing NLEP project in Sindhnur.

So we humbly Request support our case


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